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Year after year and winter bathing



On Instagram I posted two small tubax reels.

One looks forward to the new year with hope.

The other is a funky homage to ice or winter bathing. It should not only be healthy, it is also healthy. It's a lot of fun in a group.

(See the Instagram link below)




Cows on the horizon



My musical commentary on current protest actions, which unfortunately are going out of agricultural control and paralyze an entire country completely exaggerated and led by anger. 

It ist understandable that you see yourself und your environment first, but that is not effective.

The protesters should also take a look at the horizon, look at life in the distance and see what else ist going on in the problem area.

The cows are milling about here and they are not enthusastic either.

The tubax is their mouthpiece.




The Friendly Shadows Of The Night



My new composition for classical guitar,

"Die freundlichen Schatten der Nacht",

is a tribute to overcoming our primal fears at night and calls for the happiness and lightness of our inner eye.

In the changing image of the half-darkness we often don't see joy and love of life.

But especially at night this music calls for an inner glow that may give us strength.




Dark Sand



The trilogy "The continental drive" has now received its third part.

Black sand, lava crushed by the sea, volcanic primeval rock, full of warmth and sun, are the inspiration.

Jazz and lounge invite you to dance and dream, the pictures take you to the Atlantic Ocean of the North African coast und the coasts and mountains of Peru.

Tubax and electric guitar create themes, sitar and soprano saxophone open the doors of time, tenor saxophone and electric guitar drift through the black sand als soloists.



The Continental Drive Part III - Dark Sand



For me, making music like the "Continental Drive" trilogy means not only playing with melodies and setting solo accents, but also resisting everything people do to each other and turning to what is actually important:

peaceful coexistence.


In the sense, may the piece invite you to dance and dream.


Danza Turbulenza



We live in turbulent times that frighten.


But I think it's important to counter this with joie de vivre. A bit of balance.


May the "Danza Turbulenza" published today express this.


Sheet music can be seen in "compositions" and can be requested free of charge.


Children's Song



There is no end to the war in Ukraine. The population is suffering that we cannot really grasp here in the west. So many children are traumatized. And yet the burden of the future rests on them.


The song "Children's Song", which I have just released, is dedicated to them. It is inspired by children's songs I listened to in remote villages in Bali and Lombok. There they sang of their dreams and hopes for their lives, surrounded by magic, dances, exuberant nature and legends that promised them one thing above all : 


a peaceful life in harmony with their gods.



Sommernacht (summer night)



The war in Ukraine is depressing for me and triggers worries and fear. Many musicians and artists feel the same way and in addition to the possibilities to help and get involved, we always ask ourselves how we can be active as artists in such a time at all. 


When you see how important music is for refugees, how important it is to sing, to make music, to be creative, then it encourages you to do just that despite the world situation. When I listen to music or play it myself, I create an inner balance, which is important for dealing with the daily horror news.


On SoundCloud I have now released a new song accompanied by fantastic musicians. Christian Pohlen, the soul voice of the North, sings again, Karsten Ross plays the solo trumpet, Lars Scheffel assisted on the piano, Marianne Aulke-Galda plays the flute in the wind section and Dirk-Lorenz Matthiesen plays the drums.


It's a song of a macho wandering through the party night, who lost his sweatheart, who simply seeks comfort and is brought on a new path in life by self-confident women. And it's my first composition with German lyrics. There will be more.




El Mar Seduce

composition for guitar duo, 26.1.2022

"The sea seduces", a tribute to the power and tranquility that the sea emits. The composition for two guitars was written in 1982, I have revised it and re-recorded it. It reminds of the wonderful guitar duo "Sequoia", in which I performed this piece in many concerts with guitarist Wolfgang Köster. A moment of rest, meditation, breathing in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.





The year was again a burden for all artists, for musicians, actors, artists of all genres. And the strain was mainly increased by those who shout the loudest. Of course, there are people who are not allowed to get vaccinated against Corona because their health does not allow it. They are usually among the quiet people who usually try to protect themselves and others anyway.


However, vaccine opponents, corona deniers or so-called “Querdenker” do the opposite. They have one thing in common: they do not think, but say goodbye to their reason, remain ready for violence in their self-inflicted immaturity and assume neither responsibility for themselves nor for others. Conspiracy theorists get their information from platforms such as Twitter, Telegram or Facebook, especially in groups that wallow in their absurd ideologies without spreading a single spark of truth. Not a thesis of vaccine opponents is true, not a claim by corona deniers stands up to a fact check. Because even those who only share part of the facts and thus supposedly speak truth are lying because they are hiding the other part of the facts. The absurdity of the claims is not even surpassed by the fears that lead to conspiracy theories.


For example, the theory of a global conspiracy to kill millions of people, possibly with a Bill Gates chip in their bodies, is never thought through to the end. Because then the supporters of such an absurdity would have to ask themselves why virologists, biochemists, doctors and other experts, across all forms of government and ideologies, participate in the production of supposedly deadly vaccines worldwide and then inject them themselves. When I presented this thinking task to a militant “Querdenker”, he broke off the conversation. I should inform myself better on the relevant channels on the Internet. Thus, the scene turns ideologically in circles.


For musicians and other artists, it is a cross that small groups in our society so loudly hinder so many. This is fueled by extremely conservative ideology, party politics here by the AFD and its supporters, who care a damn about their fellow human beings and above all want one thing: their own power, more money and a form of government in which they can determine totalitarian over others. To do this, they exploit the mechanisms of our democracy perversely. The AFD is the party of dictatorship and destruction, contempt for humanity and seduction by the simplest worldviews. We've had that before in our history. Such a party does not belong in the Bundestag.


Unfortunately, the media bears a significant share of the blame for the situation. Economic interest in placing advertising through quick reports, which are usually negative, contradicts a solid and balanced information mandate. Often reports are refuted, revised or, because wrong, deleted after hours. This applies to the contributions to Corona as well as to reports such as that there is now a wave of emigration to Paraguay. The term wave suggests numbers of hundreds of thousands, but it is only a few hundred lost, frightened and confused.


Let's hope that things will be better next year, that more people will wake up and recognize the interests behind false reports, that more people will be vaccinated and that a social life will become possible again, in which the artists make their absolutely necessary and essential contribution to our society, to us individuals, to our hearts. "Music is important for our soul" still applies, without art it becomes quiet around us. As human beings, we need to sing, to make music, to play theatre, together with others, not alone.


In this sense, I wish everyone a hopeful New Year.


Inter Paludes - composition for saxophon quartet

Between swamps


In 2019 I had the idea of composing two pieces for saxophone quartet inspired by the forlornness in swamps. The music reflects the mixture of search, despair and hope. The first movement, "Lost", leads into the swamps, bursting bubbles become audible, the step that is hindered by the muddy underground, the hopeful faster wading in 3/4 time, the resignation, since no way out seems possible. The second movement, "Lights", is more hopeful. The haze seems to clear, lights suddenly appear, which are greeted with joy and new momentum. But in the end, they are just Will-o‘-the-wisps. There is no escape.
You can listen to the compositions for saxophon quartet under"Videos" and as MP3 under Soundcloud. I recorded the pieces with flute, tenor sax, soprano sax and tubax. You will find the scores under "compositions".


Without Rules - soul version

soul version



A new soul version of "Without Rules" is released. Chritian Pohlen sings so emotionally. Sing along, if you like it. The lyrics can be found on youtube below the video.


New song and video "Dark Horizons"



Just released as video: "Dark Horizons", a song about the consequences of commerce and what we can do to oppose the development. A soulfull rock song with jazz elements and the soul voice of the north, Crischen Pohlen. A score is also availabel on this website. Look for Dyass-music/Compositions.


Etude Para Ti

A new composition for guitar solo


I've just released a new and old composition for guitar solo. You will find it in Dyass-music/compositions. I wrote this piece in 1983 and now I've revised it. If you are interested in this score, please contact me.


Booker Jim, Wolfgang Aulke & Friends

New CD released

In cooperation with the blues guitarist and singer Booker Jim (Kiel), a new CD was released on 11.2.21: Five songs, each in English and German, with critical lyrics and lively blues music. Renowned musicians such as Georg Schröter on piano and Ralf Tonnius (Hamburg) and Enzo Galli (Kiel) were part of the sessions. It was a lot of fun to play bass, organ and saxophone here and to contribute the background vocals.

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